General Practitioner


General Practice

The practice is well equipped to serve patients:
> in diagnosis and management of all general conditions;
> as part of a specialist referral and follow up;
> strong believer in condition management whereby they walk the path with the patient from first treatment to sustainable and stable level of health and therefore quality life style.
Dr O'Neill focus on the health of the whole person combining physical, psycological and social aspects of care.


The practice has a full-time qualified nurse.
> Most emergencies are managed in the surgery or stabilized before being transferred to higher care.
> Blood tests are conducted and sent through to Pathologists for prompt replies.
> Sonars and ECG's are done in the practice to assist the patient with speedy and seamless treatment.


Dr O’Neill is a full dispensing GP with an on-site dispensary. He is a strong protagonist for Chronic medication management to bring the patient to a cost effective quality lifestyle .

Palliative Care

Palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious medical condition.
This type of care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family.
Dr O'Neill has a special interest in Geriatric and Palliative care medicine.


Emarmed is networked with registered physiotherapists that can assist patients in the surgery. Sessions will be scheduled on Wednesday afternoons in the surgery.

Occupational Therapy

Monique Malan visits Albertinia on appointment if needed.